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How bots are transforming the public sector

From our work with public sector organisations, it is clear to us that their primary focus is serving their community to the best of their ability, ensuring their security, safety, and happiness. However outdated, clunky operational processes can get in the way of delivering these services as efficiently and effectively as possible. Shrinking budgets and resources can exacerbate this concern. So, what can you do? Many public organisations are adopting bot powered solutions to ease the burden of repetitive tasks, saving time and money. These solutions can transform organisations for both internal workers and external citizens engaging with your organisation.


What are bots?

A bot is a software application that is programmed to repeat the same task. Many bots utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate deep learning. This means as a bot processes more information, it’s learning and understanding also develops.
In relation to the public sector, chatbots are often used to respond to repetitive constituent queries. By implementing a chat bot to handle these queries automatically, time that was previously spent handling this task can be reallocated and spent on high-priority tasks. If queries require a human agent to take over, this can be done seamlessly, allowing constituents access to staff when needed but not wasting team member’s time on repetitive tasks when this is unnecessary.


How bots have transformed local governments

Increase self service

By implementing chat bots, citizens have access to important information anytime, anywhere. With the rise of digital apps, individuals are becoming more digitally literate and expect to be able to source information easily online. Bots can ensure this is true for local authorities.

Save time and money

By automating repetitive tasks, governments can otherwise allocate the time available to their teams. This fosters operations that are more efficient, saving time and money. Ultimately this saved money can contribute to improved public services, benefiting the communities served by local governments.

Prioritise value-add tasks

By reassigning individual’s attention from repetitive query responses, their strengths can be better utilised. There is perhaps a misconception that automation is about taking jobs. This is not the case, automation is about handling time-wasting tasks to allow teams to focus on processes and projects where their empathy and insight can add great value.


Don’t just take it from us…

we-We Build Bots

Synergi partner, We Build Bots, has worked with a number of local governments, implementing bots and transforming operations. See what they had to say:

How West Berkshire Council have transformed services throughout COVID 19 – Video Case Study
Monmouthshire County Council Case Study | WBB
Carmarthenshire County Council Case Study | WBB


Synergi is home to a number of process automation specialists and is also an approved G-cloud supplier. To find out more about how automation and bots could help boost efficiency within your organisation, or if you would like to find out more about any of our additional offerings, get in touch. Call 0191 477 0365, email enquiries@teamsynergi.co.uk or complete the form below.

Find out more about our work with the public sector here.

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