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Valo: The Tool Marketing Teams Are Missing?

A good marketing tool needs to unite teams of people (and all their content!) simply and efficiently. That being said, such a tool needn’t be expensive. With Covid impacting the day-to-day of both businesses and consumers, marketing teams have had to reimagine their processes and their messaging very quickly. Such a feat has highlighted the importance of an effective teamwork tool within a marketing department.

An oft overlooked tool for marketing teams is the humble intranet, perhaps this is due to experiences with clunky, outdated intranets. But with the development of cloud-based, easily integrated intranet solutions, the intranet is a more appealing teamwork offering than ever before.

A particular standout in the intranet scene is Finish-born organisation, Valo. Valo offers a multilingual, mobile-friendly and feature-rich intranet with additional available add-ons to expand its powerful capabilities. Valo operates under a single payment license, with an optional maintenance subscription available making it an appealing and affordable solution – but what can it do for your marketing team?

Better understand your company voice

An intranet unites an organisation, creating not only a knowledge and content hub but a sense of community and an organisational voice. The ability to access Valo using desktops, tablets or even native mobile apps means that an intranet can host the knowledge and opinions of an entire organisation with users liking, commenting and replying to company news and publications in real time.
Not only do sites and pages provide a visual representation of brand with Valo’s consistent content templates, but additionally the information within this published content and the responses from users also provides insight into the values of an organisation and its community of employees.
With the Social feature, you can share your social media content within your intranet, providing all users, even those external to the marketing department, with up to date organisational messaging and positioning.
By cultivating a central, managed hub for teamwork an organisation circulates a clearer sense of personality to marketeers and users alike.

Manage Your Projects

Valo is built entirely on top of Office 365 and SharePoint and consequently harnesses both the power of its own capabilities and the power of these Microsoft tools.
One key example of where this benefits marketing teams is the utilisation of SharePoint’s search capabilities. With the ability to search content and tag with metadata, it is simple for marketing teams to organise and locate content.
This ultimately embodies what is most effective about a modern intranet; it is an easily navigable central hub from which one can access all business news, information and documentation with powerful search capabilities that makes finding the right content simple.
Additionally, the ability to create a Team site in order to manage an individual project is useful to those who offer marketing as a service to external organisations. Team sites can be created directly on the intranet, via Microsoft Teams or by utilising the Valo Teamwork add-on which provides a single view for all digital teams, projects, groups, and collaboration tools within Microsoft 365.
All these tools act to help make project management more seamless and efficient.

Cultivate great content

The aforementioned search capabilities not only make locating content you know exists easier but also make discovering content for re-purposing easier as well.
Recycling content is an efficient move, releasing time for those who would have otherwise had to create from scratch, re-doing time consuming research they were unaware already existed.
With the search tool, content and research is easily available to re-promote or repurpose. Additionally, with mega menus, and bread crumb navigation tools it’s easy to discover the exact information you’re searching for without even having to rely on metadata.
This is not to say that newer research is never needed to cultivate great content, and this is where the people finder tool comes in. People finder is a search tool for personnel, making it simple to find contacts from other departments or locations that you may not have met and discover their role and skills. This makes sourcing contacts to assist with content, from the provision of knowledge through to the creation of assets, more efficient and appealing.
With easy access to knowledge, existing content and team members, marketing teams are equipped with all the necessary tools to create great content. With an easy and effective search process to locate these tools, there’s even more time to allot to value-add tasks such as strategy evaluation.

Keep your team informed

With Valo’s feature-rich news capabilities, it is easy for users of varying of technical capability to create brand-consistent news sites or pages. This news content can then be scheduled, allotted expiration dates, highlighted or targeted to a specific team, location or department.
For a marketing department, this means that these news capabilities can be targeted at the internal marketing team, helping users keep up to date with the latest information and developments with regards to strategy, technology, personnel and more. On top of this, users can save their favourite internal or external links to ‘My Links’ under the mega menu, providing quick access to informative, useful and oft-visited pages.

Understand what your team really needs

Often, we’re making decisions we think are best but we’re making them blind. We’re creating and collating content we think our teams need but without the data to show us what content is being engaged with or requested, it is difficult to know for certain if the assumptions made are correct.
With the Valo adoption add-on feature, you can view and analyse the popularity of content, pages, groups and access user statistics. This information can inform actionable decisions, allowing time and effort to be focused on content that teams are engaging with or conversely exploring why particular content is not gaining engagement.
With Valo Ideas, users can log ideas directly from Microsoft Teams, offering team members the opportunity to flag innovative ideas or address needs that may have been overlooked. Not only does this provide a stronger understanding of what a team feels is missing or in need of improvement, but it also fosters a sense of community and employee value with a platform from which individuals can play a part in shaping their organisation.

Valo is available with SharePoint on cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid. So, whether your marketing team is entirely office-based, remotely located or on the go, we can offer tools to help keep their operations running smoothly.

Synergi is a Valo Premium Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. Our mission is to empower digital business, providing and maintaining a digital solution that is designed to meet your unique requirements.

To find out more about Valo check out our webpage, call 0191 4770365 or send us an email at enquiries@teamsynergi.co.uk.


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