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Valo: Modern Intranet partner      Communicate, collaborate and innovate together

Valo is an award-winning digital workplace solution on Office 365 and SharePoint. Valo’s vision is to create a better digital workplace, where you can focus on the things that matter, choose when and how your workday starts, and make your workday more enjoyable! We partnered with Valo because they’re a pioneering intranet product provider that offers the right tools for a more effective workday, with all the features you’ll ever need and a beautiful user experience.

Valo Intranet

Harness a mobile-friendly, modern, and easy-to-use workspace with powerful search capabilities and simple customisation.

Valo Connect

Augment the capabilities of Microsoft Teams by enhancing search, accumulating news and connecting employees.

Valo Entrance

Allow IT teams to easily control and oversee permissions to Extranet hubs, making collaboration simple and secure.

Valo Extranet

Create easy-to-manage and easy-to-use central collaboration hubs for external companies, stakeholders, and teams.

Valo Ideas

Drive innovation and cultivate a workplace community with Ideas management available from within Microsoft Teams.

Valo Teamwork

Manage teams easily, with a single dashboard collating all your collaboration tools together in one view.

Valo Intranet

Valo works to help you communicate, collaborate and innovate effectively. It's clean, tidy and easy to use, and can be easily fitted to your corporate brand and colours without coding. It's built on both modern and classic SharePoint and is supported by Office 365 - plus it's available in over 20 languages.

Response and mobile: You get a completely responsive user experience in mobile browsers and via the Valo Intranet mobile app (on both iOS and Android)

Modular: You can choose which features suit your workplace, with capabilities for sharing and building content as well as engaging teams in social hubs.

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Valo Connect

Valo Connect offers a complementary experience to Modern SharePoint, integrating natively with Microsoft Teams. Valo Connect sits inside Microsoft Teams to augment its capabilities, enhancing search, accumulating news and connecting employees.
Valo Connect can integrate any SharePoint page inside Teams and allows you to create a tab-based navigation of the application. By placing the capabilities of a modern intranet within Teams, organisations can access the benefits of both platforms and end users can do everything they need to do from one central location.

Valo Entrance

Concerned about security when collaborating with external parties? Valo Entrance is a tool specifically designed for IT teams. Within Valo Entrance, IT teams can control and oversee permissions to Extranet hubs, invite external users, manage their access, and delete members once they have left a team.

Valo Extranet

Valo Extranet Hub is a tool designed for project managers allowing them to create central collaboration hubs for external companies, stakeholders, or teams they are working with, these hubs allow internal and external teams to liaise and collaborate effectively, efficiently, and securely.
Valo Extranet Hub hosts many of the same functions as a Valo intranet such as jobs, events, templates, FAQs, social hubs, sponsorship programmes, and more.

Valo Ideas

Bring the fun back to idea generation. Give the power to your workers and present, discuss and score new ideas using Valo’s Idea Management tools. By enabling all team members to put forward and comment on new ideas, you encourage innovation and collaboration as well as reward creativity. You can also track ideas and capture insights. Plus show the latest or most popular ideas on your Intranet front page too.

Valo Teamwork

Struggling to juggle multiple workspaces and tools? Valo Teamwork pulls everything together into a single dashboard. With all your groups in one view, it is simple to access the appropriate collaboration tools for the team you are working with and is available directly from your Microsoft Teams or part of your intranet.
Use simple search capabilities to easily find your documents and discussions from across your groups. You can order, approve and manage workspaces easily, create your own templates without coding too.

What's Valo all about

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Valo Teamwork

Where do you go to collaborate with your team?

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Here at St Oswald’s we chose Valo for our intranet because of the way it was presented to us by Synergi, we have invested in the supplier as well as the product. We were looking to migrate our legacy SharePoint to a more up to date modern platform, Valo was presented as a ready developed Intranet with built in business applications. We liked it because it is scalable, adaptable, flexible and would meet our business needs, it looks fresh, intuitive and carries the right style for hospice users that can be maintained and supported throughout its life cycle.

Darren Harvey, St Oswald's UK


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