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A Guide to Integrating Power Platform with Dynamics 365

Technology is only as powerful as you allow it to be. At Synergi, we dedicate ourselves to helping businesses unlock the full potential of their paid platforms, ensuring they get the most out of their investments. One such platform we regularly support and advise our clients on is Microsoft Power Platform, an all-in-one solution for increasing productivity through a customisable suite of intelligent automation tools. 

While this business automation solution is a powerhouse for optimising workflows, you can upgrade your efficiencies even further by integrating its tools and capabilities with that of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Platforms which have been designed specifically to work seamlessly with one another, the hyperconnective power of Dynamics and Power Platform are unrivalled. 

Whether you’re looking for integrated platforms to transform your business and are considering Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, or already have access to these software solutions and need advice on how to utilise them to their fullest potential, read on as we discuss their benefits for business and how to use them together.

What are Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365?

Both programs which are designed to help improve the daily digital operations of your organisation, Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 are business software solutions that drive efficiency and productivity, while encouraging growth and superior performance.

Both solutions include access to a suite of invaluable tools, which can be implemented in fully-tailored ways to suit your business. After all, no two businesses are the same and, as goals, teams and operations differ, so too should the tools you use. 

What is included in Microsoft Power Platform?

Within Microsoft Power Platform, you can expect to find intelligent tools which accelerate innovation, cut costs, and minimise development times. These include Power BI, PowerApps, Power Virtual Agents and more, and every single tool is customisable and scalable, ensuring that you get solutions that suit your business, rather than having to alter your own operations to align with existing software.

Learn more about what Microsoft Power Platform can do for you.

What is included in Dynamics 365?

While Power Platform works to automate internal and external processes, Dynamics 365’s technology focuses on improving the customer’s experience to build better relationships and encourage continued conversions. As a customer relationship management (CRM) system with multiple cloud-based applications, upgrading your sales, marketing and communication processes is made possible from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 for customer service and sales.

How does Power Platform work with Dynamics 365?

Both Power Platform and Dynamics 365 work independently to allow businesses to create their own solutions, without requiring any in-depth technical knowledge, to improve their workflows, data analysis and reporting, and customer connections.

When deployed together and utilised in tandem, however, their usefulness is magnified. We’ve detailed just some of the ways in which these systems work together to produce improved results below.

Make greater savings

We know that protecting resources and generating profit are at the forefront of any successful business strategy, and the unified business cloud that is created by combining these programs pushes organisations in the right direction to achieving that. Capable of standardising processes across all operational systems, from internal working processes to external-facing relationships, the effortless streamlining helps to reduce wastage and costs, while improving customer engagement and conversions.

Example case:

An area of operation which regularly sees the largest profit drain through avoidable wastage, businesses in the retail and consumer sector risk sacrificing profitability when poorly-run supply chains and warehouse management systems are employed. From mismanaged numbers, to unaccounted for returns, keeping track of your stock accurately can prove challenging the more you grow. 

By combining the intelligent platforms of PowerApps and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management systems, you can design a low-code, automated stock management system that is tailored specifically to your needs. So, whether you’ve devised an innovative returns system which re-distributes according to quality, or you have multiple warehouses which need interconnected management, you can cease the steady loss of valuable stock with a custom-built application.

Empower your employees

While repetitive, manual tasks are essential to the smooth running of a business, they are an undeniable drain on efficiency and employee productivity. When these duties are automated, however, and both internal workflows and customer interactions are eased by the assistance of Power Platform and Dynamics 365 technology, more time is available for human resources to expand their true talents and use invaluable creativity and critical thinking in areas of greater use. 

Example case:

While internal working procedures can be time consuming, one of the largest demands employees face is answering queries and assisting customers. This is particularly true as the amount of time required for customer service tasks can fluctuate without warning, with complaints, questions and assistance requests not always falling into a predictable pattern. 

Fortunately, Power Virtual Agents’ AI learning provides automated assistance to the majority of queries. This can be combined with Dynamics 365’s ability to design, build and run a full, centralised member-engagement platform, ensuring that no consumers are left without personalised guidance, and the monopolisation of employee time for ad-hoc issues can be kept to a comfortable minimum.

Boost collaborative working 

With preferred working methods focusing on flexibility in our post-pandemic world, upgrading your collaborative working practices to support digital working is essential to remaining competitive. With the combined Microsoft programs supporting an entirely online system which can be accessed from anywhere, you can provide additional options to staff, without sacrificing efficiency, collaboration or productivity. 

This not only allows businesses to offer greater freedoms to existing employees, improving their job satisfaction by encouraging practices that bring out the best in them and supports a better work-life balance, but it also allows for wider opportunities of new talent acquisition. With distance and even borders erased by technology-enhanced online working, recruiting remote workers who show promise is more realistic for organisations of all sizes. 

Example case:

One element of Dynamics 365 which is designed specifically for encouraging effortless collaboration within businesses is Remote Assist. On its own, Remote Assist is capable of transforming the way your employees work together, wherever they are, thanks to its dedicated suite of video conferencing technologies and hardware. This can be utilised in tandem with personalised apps designed within PowerApps, so that the work achieved within pre-planned meetings, training calls and quick catch ups can be amplified and expanded past the pre-built features. 

Connect Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform with help from Synergi

As business-centric technologies continue to innovate digital workspaces improve to keep pace, stepping up your organisation’s processes becomes more and more key to success. At Synergi, our team of experts have experience assisting businesses with accessing systems such as Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, helping them to get the most out of the included tools and cloud-systems so that they can continue to focus their efforts on growth, knowing their processes and customer relationships are in-hand. 

If you’re considering setting up Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform for your own company and want to see what utilising these integrable systems could do for you, contact our team to find out more.

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