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Microsoft Business Central

Streamline your operations, manage your finances and track your sales with Microsoft Business Central.

What is Microsoft Business Central?

A multi-functional and ever-evolving enterprise resource planning system (ERP), Microsoft Business Central is an all-in-one business solution designed to transform the way small and medium-sized businesses are run. Previously known as Microsoft NAV, Business Central creates an integrated digital space in which to manage all of your day-to-day operations, including finances and budgeting, marketing and sales, inventory and warehouse management and much more, giving you the tools you need to drive efficiencies and improve visibility.

Beyond functioning as a daily operations management system, Microsoft Business Central is also capable of enhancing your company-wide decisions by delivering up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive reports. With intelligent data compiling and analytics systems built in, staying informed about the successes of your business and abreast of the challenges it is facing is simple.

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What can Business Central do?

A multi-purpose system which can be used to enhance individual business processes or for more overarching, company-wide management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has a range of offerings to suit your needs. From financial reporting, to customer service tracking, every element of your business operations can be seamlessly integrated to give you complete visibility and control.

Finance: View, analyse and report on financial performance in real-time, giving you access to the most up-to-date information available. Financial reports can be used to identify trends, inform investment decisions and more.

Compliance: Overcome time-consuming regulatory obstacles by keeping an accurate sales ledger automatically to allow for quick compliance reporting and payments.

Sales: Accurately track and analyse your sales cycle using MS Business Central’s integrated marketing, sales and operations modules. Whether purchasing is automated, or follows a quote and invoicing process, sales management in all forms is made simple.

Forecasting: Beyond optimising current data, Microsoft Business Central’s comprehensive data modelling allows you to swiftly and accurately forecast sales fulfilment, inventory levels and more.

Supply Chain: Optimise your supply chain processes with Business Central’s manufacturing capacity, inventory tracking and warehouse management capabilities.

Customer Service: Keep track of all customer interactions, and easily identify and act on the best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities through Business Central’s integration with Outlook.

Already credited with refining operations and resolving sticking-points for hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is one of the top ERP systems available. Boasting easy integration and a user-friendly interface, the countless applications and optional extensions make this cloud-based solution suitable for companies operating in any industry.

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FAQs about Microsoft Business Central

How does Microsoft Business Central work?
A highly-advanced solution by nature, implementing MS Business Central and accessing the full scope of its capabilities can be an intimidating challenge to those unfamiliar with cloud-based solutions. For businesses looking to make the upgrade, Synergi’s dedicated Microsoft Dynamics practice, Unifi, is here to provide implementation services, comprehensive support and invaluable training every step of the way.

Knowledgeable and experienced, Unifi’s friendly team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants are committed to ensuring your new system makes an immediate and meaningful impact on your business processes. As a fully-adaptable, all-in-one solution, the task of selecting essential functions from Business Central’s wide suite of applications and tailoring them to your business’ needs is essential to seeing results from day one.

Whether you’re a long-established company hoping to upgrade from legacy systems, or you’re a new business still testing and developing your ideal workflow processes, MS Business Central could be the solution for you. To discover more about how the team at Unifi can help you use the software to its full potential, visit our dedicated Unifi website.
What are the benefits of Business Central?
Efficiencies are prioritised

With streamlined and interwoven processes, Business Central ensures that all operating processes are optimised. With time-wastage kept to an absolute minimum across all workflow elements, including customer service, warehouse management and financial reporting, efficiency and profitability are given the space they need to thrive.

Ongoing evolution

One of the primary solutions offered under Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central is constantly being reviewed, enhanced and updated to ensure it remains as useful a system as possible. This ongoing evolution gives businesses the confidence that Microsoft’s state-of-the-art ERP system will retain its considerable capabilities for years to come.

Endless adaptability

As a cloud-based solution, Business Central offers unmatched flexibility which prioritises global and mobile accessibility. Fully-integratable with Microsoft’s cloud services, and with customisation options available to link additional applications such as Power Apps to their software systems, Business Central gives you the freedom to build a solution that works for you.

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Why choose Synergi?

At Synergi, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide accessible advice and guidance to businesses across any industry. Invaluable to experienced IT professionals looking to familiarise themselves with a new system, and for individuals and employees learning how to interact with it, our consultancy and training services span across a wide range of digital solutions. For Microsoft Dynamics systems in particular, our specialist teams at Unifi have proved invaluable.

Dedicated Microsoft Dynamics consultants, Unifi is capable of designing and implementing a bespoke Business Central system that is perfectly suited to your business. With ongoing support available, whether you need further assistance integrating your software with other subsystems, or require training to ensure your internal teams are utilising the resources available to them, everything is taken care of with Unifi.

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By far the best system when it comes to invoicing. We integrated data from Salesforce, Basware and so on into D365. The ease of integration with Azure business events is an added advantage. We were able to use the oData and DMF interfaces of Dynamics for our projects.

Easy to use, does not need extensive training for a not so tech savvy user , the layout of things is pretty nice.

There are so many features and apps for this product. Pretty much anything you can dream up they have it or you can create it.

Business Central implements a convenient user interface that is easy to use without prior familiarization. I love how well integration with Outlook and many other programs works.

Business Central has been a very positive experience for us. It has become the lifeblood of our finance and operations departments.

Dynamics allowed me to integrate the billing, inventory, payroll, tax and even customer service modules. I truly consider it an indispensable tool when you want to run a business properly.

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