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Forget stolen log-ins. Go passwordless and transform your authentication process.

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The age of passwords is over

Passwords have long served as our go-to authentication solution, so why change now? Password credential theft poses a great threat to business’ security. With YouGov reporting in 2020 that 74% of interviewees reused passwords for multiple accounts, the prevalence of this threat is hardly surprising. With passwords offering opportunity for cyber criminals (Yubico found a staggering 81% of data breaches stemmed from weak or stolen passwords), Yubico decided it was time to authenticate another way.

The YubiKey

Yubico’s series of security keys offer organisations a choice of strong, single factor, two-factor, or multi-factor authentication (with single and multi-factor authentication being passwordless). Essentially, this allows users to sign into their accounts by inserting and tapping their YubiKey, eliminating the threat posed by password theft and account takeovers. The key is quick to use and reduces the time IT support teams spend resetting passwords, opening up resource.
YubiKey integrates with many leading password management solutions, such as lastpass and 1password, making it easy to integrate into your existing business operations. This hardware-based authentication supports multiple protocols, including existing Smart Card authentication, and WebAuthn/ FIDO2. Using public key cryptography, the YubiKey is easy to use, streamlines authentication, and reduces the risk posed by credential theft.

Using the YubiKey

Depending on your desired protection, the YubiKey pairs additional authentication methods alongside their tap ‘n’ go hardware authentication. The YubiKey, once inserted, requires only a tap of the finger for a user to be authenticated and ready to work.

Single factor authentication

Hardware authenticator (tap ‘n’ go)

Two-factor authentication

Hardware authenticator + password

Multi-factor authentication

Hardware authenticator + PIN

Hardware-based authentication

The YubiKey utilises hardware rather than software to authenticate. This hardware has no connection to the internet and the authentication secret is stored within the YubiKey, therefore the risk of copying or stealing is eliminated.

With Yubico you can:

  • Authenticate across major operating systems (Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and leading browsers)
  • Implement a strong authentication solution that only requires the tap of a finger
  • Reduce IT costs (No need for costly password resets)
  • Eliminate account takeovers

A tool for David and Goliath

Whilst many large enterprise businesses, such as Google, have made the move to Yubico, this is also an affordable and accessible solution for many SME businesses.

Why Synergi?

Synergi are at the forefront of business security. Our managed services team work in partnership with customers to deliver service excellence across on-premises, hybrid and cloud technologies, securing their IT environments in either a fully-managed or co-managed approach. As part of developing this offering, Synergi ensures it only works with best-in-class security technologies. We believe that a robust and transformative tool such as Yubikey will be invaluable to our customers, and we are well prepared to help our customers take advantage of this technology.

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