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Microsoft SharePoint

Create, collaborate and share seamlessly using Microsoft’s intelligent business management and intranet building software, SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

A cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft, SharePoint is an online business management platform capable of streamlining a wide range of business-critical applications. Designed to drive efficiencies and maximise productivity, SharePoint allows companies to build intelligent and secure intranets which can then be used across the entire organisation to share data, manage documentation, configure workflows and more.

Praised for its easy accessibility, limitless applications and multi-purpose functionality, Microsoft SharePoint is the simplest way to transform your business operations. Suitable for large corporations struggling to oversee operations and outputs, and small businesses looking for affordable methods of increasing productivity, this intuitive software is capable of overcoming complex organisational hurdles without compromising functionality.

How does SharePoint work?

A productivity tool at its heart, SharePoint is used by companies to build and design online spaces in which to manage content, data, tasks and more. Available for purchase as a standalone hosted solution or as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, the breadth of SharePoint features included in both options allow companies to make the most of their time and resources in a way that suits them. This means that, whether you’re solely using SharePoint for document management and data sharing, or are utilising the full scope of workflow organisation, reaching targets is easier than ever.

What is SharePoint used for?

Offering a wide range of capabilities that can be integrated and modified to suit the specific needs of your organisation, the potential benefits of incorporating Microsoft SharePoint into your business processes are endless. Accessible to management, employees, external partners and clients, the design and implementation of SharePoint’s features are fully adaptable, leaving you free to utilise the following features however you need to.

Build intelligent intranet sites for your organisation to use as a dedicated and fully-connected workspace online, with sharing, collaboration and communication built-in

Create dynamic and customisable workspace sites to manage department workloads and project tasks efficiently

Make the most of simple task management features including notifications and approvals, or build complex operational workflows to encourage seamless collaboration

Streamline content creation and sharing internally and with external partners and clients

Instantly and securely share data, resources and applications across home sites and portals

Display personalised, targeted news and information across sites and utilise additional tools such as Yammer to enable organisation-wide connections and conversations

See refined and relevant search results with SharePoint's built-in enterprise search capabilities, allowing quick access to people, sites, files and more

Access the wealth of knowledge accumulated in your organisation with SharePoint’s rich content management system

Use SharePoint’s data lists and libraries alongside innovative tools included in the Microsoft Power Platform to create personalised digital working practices with forms, workflows and custom apps for every device.

What’s more, SharePoint’s unique and cleverly-designed user interface allows colleagues and clients of all technological backgrounds to easily access its full range of key features, with little training required. This is further supported by advice and assistance from Synergi’s own team of SharePoint consultants, who are available to provide a comprehensive supporting service to managers and key employees, allowing them to maximise the use of their new intranet software.


What are the benefits of SharePoint?

Regardless of industrial specialism, location or size, Microsoft SharePoint is renowned across the globe as an inclusive and innovative workspace platform, and the benefits of integrating it with your daily organisation processes are endless.

Seamless Collaboration

Particularly important for companies with world-wide teams and work-from-home flexibility, ensuring seamless collaboration from anywhere in the world is essential to the successful completion and management of work. Benefit from intelligent and intuitive systems which allow individuals to swiftly find, create, co-author and update files.

Effortless Connectivity

Whether your organisation is made up of 100 individuals in one office, or 10,000 across the entire globe, maintaining connectivity across teams and departments is effortless with SharePoint. Working in a shared online space, communications can be instantly delivered and easily searched, ensuring employees at every level are kept informed.

Streamlined Processes

Create, assign and monitor the progress of assignments across teams and departments, allowing for accelerated productivity on a large-scale. Adaptable to preferred working habits and easily integrated with Microsoft Office, watch as SharePoint’s workflow capabilities ensure tasks are completed on time and documents are shared with vital personnel instantly.

Why choose Synergi?

Specialists in providing accessible, in-depth SharePoint training to companies looking to utilise the full potential of this digital business software, Synergi’s experienced team of SharePoint consultants are on-hand to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to get started.

Capable of implementing SharePoint to your exact specifications, or devising detailed plans tailored to your needs if you’re unsure on how to maximise the effectiveness of its features, our multi-talented team of SharePoint consultants can turn their knowledge into results. We can create the full infrastructure from scratch, working with you to build company-wide and team-specific sites, editable project trackers, data sharing structures and more, ensuring you can make the most of your new system instantly. Once the initial creation phase is complete, the team at Synergi can then provide training to managers and leaders on how to edit the features in play, as well as teach employees how to interact with the software to streamline their workload.

Whether you’re looking for initial support creating online workspaces to your specifications, or want assistance guiding employees through the range of features they’ll be using on a daily basis, Synergi’s team can help.

Get in touch with our SharePoint consultants today to discover how this platform can transform your business operations.
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