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Cyber security training: important for more than just the IT team

$1.85m (£1.38m).

That was the average total recovery cost of a ransomware attack calculated in Sophos’ 2021 State of Ransomware report including downtime, people time, device cost, lost opportunity, and ransom paid. The effects of a cyber attack can be great and yet still many organisations are underprepared. An effective cyber security approach cannot rely entirely on software, it must be supported by continuous training. With threats constantly evolving, as seen by the recent rise in AI-powered threats and the Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) model, it is vital that organisations stay in the know, with IT teams and end users alike having access to supporting information and training.

The threat of ransomware poses not just a challenge to keep your business safe, but also a responsibility to keep information about your customers and partners safe as well. With 96% of phishing attempts using email as the primary delivery vector (as reported in Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report), it is vital that all end users are aware of how to spot cyber security threats in their daily operations. This can reduce the chance of them opening malicious attachments that may both compromise the security of their organisation and allow attackers to utilise their email to share malicious content, offering a door into their data as well. An organisation that relies on its security experts only to be in the know, is one that is leaving itself vulnerable to attack.

So, what does cyber security training look like in practice? In seeking the support of a managed services partner, organisations have access to the knowledge of specialists who work hard to ensure their insights and recommendations are always up to date and can also hand over responsibility for the organisation of license renewals, ensuring that protective technologies are always in place. An MSP, like Synergi, can offer training, regular updates on developments in cyber threats and cyber security, tips and tricks, and information on appropriate tools and technologies.

These technologies might also support your ongoing security training. For example, Sophos Phish Threat is a technology that offers a tangible view of your end users cyber security knowledge, helping you identify individuals in need of support, by sending tailored simulated phishing attacks to your business and recording detailed feedback. The technology can then provide comprehensive reporting and end user access to around 30 cyber awareness modules.

But of course, each organisation is individual and will have its own unique needs and budget. This is where an MSP can be incredibly beneficial. Synergi will learn about your organisation, your operations, structure, security landscape, and budget, combining this information with the security expertise and experience of our managed services team to cultivate a solution that works best for you. Your MSP will help you plan, manage, and sustain your security solutions, taking the pressure away from you and offering peace of mind.

To find out more contact Synergi’s managed services team today, check out our managed services page or contact us via the form below.

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