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Why use passwordless authentication?

What is passworldless authentication?

With tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft all making moves to support passwordless, app-based login, many have turned their attention to passwordless authentication. But what is passwordless authentication exactly and why might you consider adopting it?

Passwordless authentication involves verifying a user’s identity and allowing them login to a computer system without using a password. Instead, the user will use an app or biometric solution to authenticate their identity.

So why is this more secure than using a password?

Well first and foremost strong password hygiene and best practice can be difficult to enforce across an organisation, with individuals using the same or similar passwords across multiple accounts and not updating them regularly. In fact Mimecast reported that 7/10 respondents believe that employee behaviours such as poor password hygiene are putting their companies at risk. By eliminating the need for passwords, the security risk posed by poor password hygiene is alleviated. Stolen credentials pose a major security risk to your organisation, your contacts, your finances and your private data. Passwordless authentication offers a secure way of logging in to devices and applications that doesn’t suffer from these risks.

So where might you turn for a passwordless authentication solution?



Microsoft are working towards allowing all Office 365 users to choose a fully passwordless login experience. Today non-commercial Office 365 plans already have this option available. Biometric options including Windows Hello, authentication apps and security keys are now widely available for Office 365 login, but the password backup login option cannot be fully removed yet leaving some potential risk.

Read more about Microsoft’s passwordless authentication here.

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Yubico are a global authentication leader who offer a series of security keys for authentication, known as YubiKeys. Yubico champions the low cost security key as they are less vulnerable to cyber-attack than SMS and mobile app-driven solutions. The keys also work around the issue of using personal mobiles for MFA which can be a challenge in some organisations.

Read more about Yubico’s offerings here.

Discover how Yubico has protected other organisations:


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So, how can Synergi help you?

As a Microsoft Gold partner and Yubico Gold partner, Synergi can provide a wealth of knowledge to help you decide which solution is most suitable for you organisation. Synergi can support your implementation of the most appropriate passwordless authentication tools and help you discover where these tools might fit as part of your wider security approach. To find out more, reach out today using the form below or call 0191 4770365.

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