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Are you ready to embrace the “new normal”?

For many organisations the current lockdown, and the speed at which it was instigated, has highlighted major shortfalls in the robustness of both their technology and their processes, and probably caused widespread headaches across all departments.  

The working model has suddenly changed massively, and what is definite is that few businesses are unlikely to emerge from lockdown and go back to the same old, clunky, un-collaborative, disconnected, paper-based way they did things before.  Especially with the likelihood that there will be at least another 12 months of rolling lockdowns.  Organisations will need to be able to “flick a switch” and transform to lockdown mode quickly, and without loss of productivity or efficiency, whenever the government indicates it’s necessary. Not to mention managing the whole “getting people back to work afterwards” safely and securely nightmare. 

chuttersnap-4LnSe9KwewA-unsplash-Are you ready to embrace the “new normal”?

On a positive note, the sun is out, the weather is somewhat warmer, the garage is tidy, you’ve watched enough online body transformation exercise sessions to last several lifetimes, so if the above resonates with you, why not spend some time getting your business transformation strategy kickstarted?  Make sure you’re ready for this new normal we’re in.  And we have just the right, ready-to-go Business Transformation pack in a handy free* and easy-to-install format to help you do this.   Free you say? How?  Read on. 

Your digital transformation starts here with the Synergi Free Business Transformation pack – 90 days use of the Nintex platform and free Synergi assets. 


Digital is everything in these days of remote working, working from home, and uncertainty. We challenge you to count just how many pieces of paper in your organisation still have an active role when it comes to all kinds of processes Who needs to sign what? Who needs to review, or approve, or be copied into this process or that process? We would like to bet we can show you how digital forms and workflow can replace them quickly and easily, whilst injecting agility, efficiency, and cost savings into every department.  Our Business Transformation pack will do just that.  

We can provide you with a series of easy-to-set-up, easytoinstall, automated drag and drop processes such as home working risk and safety audits, working from home agreements, holiday forms, etc. FREE for 90 days on the Nintex platform through our Business Transformation pack. 

To make it even easier for you to get started, we’ve created a series of options for our Business Transformation pack, with our partner, Nintex, who are a global leader in process management, automation, and optimisation.  These options range from a FREE Trial, through to an enterprise option for larger, more complex organisations. It’s a unique offering of 11 pre-configured common processes to help you run your business smoothly and digitally. 

What’s included? 

Business Transformation pack Free Trial 

A series of workflows and forms, that capture information, arrangements, trigger document generation, signatures, next steps, receipts etc., all without paper and without stress. 

  • Working from home agreement 
  • Return to work (Certificate of immunity) 
  • Request change to annual leave 
  • Teams governance 
  • Offer of employment 
  • Purchase requests 
  • New staff on-boarding 
  • Site visit approval 
  • Maintenance requests (commercial) 
  • Self-isolation notification 
  • Furloughed workers process 

Powered by the Nintex platform, free for 90 days. We will also add additional releases over the coming weeks and provide you with 2 hours free support from Synergi to get up and running with these processes.  There is no obligation to continue with the pack after 90 days.  If you are looking for something a little longer term, we have both a QuickStart and an Advanced option.  We can provide you with personalised quotes for either option on request.  

Business Transformation QuickStart :  

  • 2 days User training  
  • 10 workflow pack Nintex Standard 
  • 5 days timebank  
  • Minimum of 12 months. 

Business Transformation Advanced  

  • 2 days Process mapping  
  • 2 days User training  
  • 10 workflow pack Nintex Enterprise  
  • 10 days timebank 
  • BI outputs  
  • Minimum of 12 months. 

Find out more detail on each of the free processes in the pack, what the Nintex workflow process and platform can do plus more resources and help in our slide deck HERE. Alternatively, watch our 30-minute webinar which provides a demo of the processes HERE. 

Click HERE to register your interest in our Business Transformation packs. 

The time for change is now, let us all accept and embrace the “new normal” – the world of digital has never been more important. 


*Business support pack is free for 90 days on the Nintex platform.   

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