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Is automation the saviour of remote working? An overview of the Nintex Platform

A brief introduction:
With much of the country staying home, we’re all getting used to remote working. There’s been a natural learning curve for many, with numerous ‘filter fails’ littering our social media feeds. As you grow more familiar with your remote working software, it may start to become clearer which of your processes aren’t running so efficiently. It’s likely that the processes causing the most stress are those not designed to operate automatically or remotely. So, what can you do to improve these processes?
Synergi understands that businesses are struggling to retain efficient processes in these uncertain times and aim to use our unique position and experience to help keep your business functioning and even thriving. Synergi is working on a free Covid-19 Business Support pack; a collection of the most valuable business processes, ready to go and deployed onto the Nintex platform by our specialists, just for you. So, what is the Nintex platform and what can it help you achieve?
Nintex is a leading player in automation, offering a host of tools to facilitate process excellence. The platform encourages simple, streamlined process management and automation using accessible low code, no code solutions. Automation is quickly becoming a business essential, reducing manual tasks, eliminating the use of paper forms, promoting the simple collation of detailed information onsite and even boosting consistency and compliancy. Nintex’s key offerings include:
Process Mapping:
Creating process maps allows complex workflows to be presented as a simple, visual map, helping all participants to understand processes.  Much of the value in process mapping is understanding the current state of processes and how they connect and relate to each other, building a foundation from which we can illuminate the effects of change and successfully plan for a streamlined and effective future process.  Process mapping enables visibility, accountability and collaboration – three essential ingredients for developing a culture of process excellence. The simple navigation and process ownership, along with a customisable, personal dashboard encourages the evaluation and improvement of processes, with no formal training required. Automated change logs, RACI table updates, and stakeholder email notifications increase process auditability and drive engagement and embedded control points in live processes improve risk management. You can also execute mandatory signoffs, escalations and notifications straight from your dashboard.
Mobile apps and forms:
With Nintex’s mobile apps and forms capabilities, users can easily create dynamic, customisable forms and apps using drag-and-drop controls. This allows workers to capture accurate and current data and even submit all whilst onsite, with mobile features such as image and video attachments, barcode and QR scanning, and geolocation tagging. Users can access forms, documents and tasks on multiple devices, including offline devices. These tools keep processes running efficiently, with mobile notifications and the ability to approve documentation from your mobile app. You can even connect to your mobile workflows on SharePoint, Office 365 or Nintex Workflow Cloud. Mobile capabilities allow processes to operate smoothly, no matter where you are.
Advanced Workflow:
Whilst many organisations are digitising manual or paper-based processes, this doesn’t always mean that they are as efficient or effective as they could be, especially when it comes to elements like approval tasks which are often manual and cause delays.  Graphical low/no-code process design empowers full automation of processes but using tools that process owners and business users are comfortable with. Agile, automated workflow solutions support on-time delivery of projects using on premises, cloud or hybrid environments. Nintex’s deep integration capabilities sustain quick deployment of automated workflows across systems of record, content repositories, and communication channels that are crucial to your business.
Robotic Process Automation:
Often, once a workflow has completed, there are high-volume, manual, repetitive steps which are required. For example, updating systems of record.  The Nintex platform extends into RPA, enabling ‘bots’ to be created and managed in a low/no code designer that automate these steps, interacting with applications through their own interfaces and removing the need for humans to re-key data or complete repetitive tasks. Nintex RPA provides more than 300 actions to easily connect to valuable data whether this be stored in spreadsheets, websites or legacy applications, allowing you to start running automated tasks in minutes, with no programming skills necessary. With Nintex, you only pay for the processes you automate, not the number of bots or even the new processes you deploy.
Document Generation and e-signature:
Eliminating paper-based processes is all well and good but often we need documents to be a key output of our process, whether that’s contracts, letters, reports, orders etc. Manually creating these each time is often hugely time consuming.  Document Generation automates and streamlines these outputs as a seamless part of the workflow, including the ability to obtain legally binding digital signatures along the way. When using document templates in Nintex DocGen all you need to do is configure and tag the fields in order to insert dynamic data such details about the customer, product details, pricing information, and more. With e-signature capabilities, you can keep processes moving no matter where you are.
Process Intelligence:
Once our process are automated and efficient, they become the equivalent of our body’s nervous system to the business and the ability to track, visualise and analyse how processes are running over time becomes critical to understand the health, performance and efficiency of our processes, highlighting or alerting any anomalies or risks. Process owners can simply drag and drop a Nintex Analytics beacon into their workflow designer and start collecting data automatically. You can then use multiple analytics lenses in order to gain insight into your operations and understand your key consumption metrics. This all allows you to better understand the impact your automated processes are having on your business and calculate the return on your investment.
So how can you get involved?
To find out more about what our pack will entail, join our webinar on Friday 3rd April or Thursday 9th April, on how to adapt your working processes to a changing modern world.  Find out about how our FREE: COVID-19 Business Support Pack, powered by Nintex, can help you. Sign up here:
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