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The Power of Automation: Streamline at Any Size

Streamline at Any Size

Global research and advisory firm, 451 Research, found that in 2018 42% of surveyed businesses had a formal strategy and were actively digitising their business processes and technologies, compared to 29% in 2016. This is indicative of what we truly believe to be accurate, that in order to remain modern and competitive, businesses need to be operating within digital workspaces. At the heart of modern digital working is automation. This can take varying forms and sizes, meaning organisations of any size can find a solution that works for them. At its heart, any automation solution is focused on allowing teams to work smarter, achieving more with less.

By automating manual, repetitive, time-consuming tasks, individuals and teams can then use this time to communicate and collaborate on high-priority, value-add tasks. This allows teams to work efficiently, reducing the risk of developing an overtime culture that can pose a risk to employee wellbeing.

Read 451 Research's report here

Why automate?

  • Keep your processes in motion anywhere, from any device
  • Short concept to deployment period
  • Editable and sophisticated digital processes
  • Easy to automate with highly visual drag-and-drop technology
  • Reduce risk of inaccurate data capture or data loss from manual activity
  • Don’t have to wait on IT resource to automate or edit operations
  • Consistency in document generation, approval and storage, supporting improved compliancy
  • Mobile apps and forms allow workers to log detail rich information onsite or on the go, with no need to rekey later

No matter your size

There are numerous strategic technologies on the market helping businesses pro-actively succeed. However, sometimes it can be hard to discern which of these is right for the shape, structure, and budget of your organisation. When it comes to automation the available leading solutions really do provide opportunity for smaller organisations, or organisations in their infancy, to harness the same benefits of automation as their larger competitors. So, what does automation look like for different organisations?

Automation for SME and Enterprise

Discover the leading automation solutions that scale from SME to enterprise

Understanding your processes

Whilst the ability to automate repetitive manual processes is vital in improving business efficiency, organisations need to ensure that they are focusing their attentions on the right areas and taking the most beneficial steps. To achieve this, organisations need insight into their processes. Process mapping tools, such as those included in Power Automate and Nintex, allow businesses to understand, plan, and map their processes in one central location, yet again making an enterprise capability accessible to SMEs.

Whilst the automation tool of choice might vary between businesses and organisations, the goal is the same: to reduce inefficiencies caused by manual, repetitive processes that require large quantities of time and are prone to human error. It is important for organisations looking to innovate and remain competitive and efficient in the modern business landscape to look at automating now. Organisations need to be making informed, pro-active decisions based on an assessment of their existing processes that allow them to innovate and transform their operations, not re-actively fighting to stay afloat.


A digital partner, like Synergi, can support deep-dive learning into your operations and help guide you in selecting and cultivating solutions that will suit the unique requirements of your organisation, helping you work more efficiently. To find out more check out our automation page, call 0191 4770365, email enquiries@teamsynergi.co.uk, or complete the form below.

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