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4 Key benefits of automation tools when remote working

What does automation have to do with remote working?

When most organisations made the move to working from home, the focus was understandably on teamwork solutions, allowing users to share files and communicate regularly. I am not here to devalue the importance of these solutions; teamwork was and will continue to be vital to the maintenance of effective home working. However, it’s also important to acknowledge what we are learning from these changes to our daily routines and business processes.

The shift to remote working has not only highlighted the culture of reliance on outdated, paper-based processes, but has also signposted the volume of inefficient and clunky processes within many organisations. If you feel this is you and your business, how do you take this knowledge and use it to improve your situation? One key option is to take this opportunity to review your processes and automate and optimise where appropriate.

Whilst I understand that this may seem a daunting and impossible idea (let’s face it, it’s human nature to remain with what’s comfortable and familiar, even when it results in awkward ways of working), I encourage you to explore the numerous benefits of automation.
For your ease, I have detailed the 4 key benefits of automation tools in relation to remote working.

1: Keep your processes in motion anywhere, from any device

One of the most obvious advantages to automation is that it allows you to keep your processes moving, wherever you are. Meaning, if currently you are working from home, your processes should still be able to run smoothly and efficiently. Two key tools within the automation suite are mobile apps and digital forms. Digital forms can be built on Nintex Workflow Cloud, SharePoint and Office 365 and can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. The forms are easy to build and customise with a drag and drop interface with features such as geolocation tags and barcode scanners. With Nintex Forms rules builder, you can apply pre-set rules to create dynamic forms that respond to user input; users will only see the necessary fields for their data input, ensuring that the correct information is collected. By building these forms, users can input and share data to keep processes in motion, wherever they are. With mobile apps, users can complete and submit forms, collect signatures, approve documents, receive notifications and keep processes running remotely. These easy- to- build, easy- to- brand tools ensure that processes remain efficient, wherever you’re working.

2: Open up time to communicate and collaborate with others on high priority tasks

Time. Ever slipping through our fingers, it is the commodity we all struggle to find. On the simplest level, automated processes eliminate manual, repetitive tasks, opening that time for collaboration, reflection and focus on important tasks. By mapping out our processes, we can spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies more clearly and reframe how we understand our operations. Once an efficient process has been mapped and automated, several key benefits emerge. Firstly, through the act of reviewing your processes and operations, there is a clearer understanding of, and visibility into, these processes as well as a clearer ownership. Additionally, you gain comfort in knowing not only that this process is now taking up fewer manual hours, but also that the process is running consistently, reducing the concern of compliancy errors. Similarly to mobile apps and forms, workflows are built using a simple drag-and-drop designer canvas, meaning that workflows are easy to build and automation is now more accessible to those in your organisation who are not so IT literate.

3: Short concept to deployment period

With Nintex workflow automation, you can go from concept to deployment in days using simple and visual automation design tools. Therefore, if the move to remote working has raised issues that may be improved or solved using automation tools, this process could be quick and simple. These automated workflows can be deployed quickly across systems of record, content repositories, and communication channels, meaning you can integrate these crucial pillars of your business with your automation solution.

4: Sign documents remotely

Processes requiring signatures are often still paper-based, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With e-signature tools like Nintex Sign, digital signatures can be a quick and secure affair. E-signature tasks can be created within automated workflows using just a few clicks and business critical documents and contracts will automatically be sent for signature, with sent reminders and the ability to track progress from any device. You can also trigger automated actions both before and after obtaining a signature, helping to keep your processes in motion. Nintex Sign is powered by Adobe Sign and ensures the electronic signatures on your documents are legally complaint, complying with global security standards.

Where do I go from here?

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