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How Nintex can help you manage your blended workforce

The situation for HR managers and Chief Operations Officers

This year has seen a shift in the mass style of working; it has never been more important to facilitate a blended workforce. With employees working both in office and from home, the role of the operations team is truly to manage and unite both teams of people and their processes in a manner that is easy for users to understand. Additionally, HR managers must keep on top of documentation and processes, ensuring that consistency is maintained despite the variety of working locations.

The solution

Digital automation leaders, Nintex, offer Promapp, a modern tool for process mapping. Promapp allows teams to design, document, and manage key business processes using a simple drag and drop interface. Promapp makes it easy for users to find and follow relevant processes and for process owners to update processes and maintain governance. This highly visual tool makes identifying bottlenecks simple and processes can be changed in a matter of clicks.

How Promapp can help you manage your blended workforce

Keep your documentation and processes up to date

With a blended workforce, it can be easy for documentation to become out of date, to be noncompliant, or to be non-standardised. This is a product of lack of process ownership and a lack of a centralised hub for information, leading users to save documentation in scattered locations. Promapp allows users to centralise this disparate information that may otherwise have existed only in Viso, SharePoint, servers, or simply in people’s heads. By providing a centralised location for this information, a single source of truth is fostered, reducing the risk of duplication of work.
Whilst this may seem like an overload of information, Promapp offers a personalised dashboard from which users can bookmark the processes and actions that they deem most relevant to themselves. Therefore, users are presented with the information relevant to them and can avoid information overload.

Maintain data integrity

By centralising your organisation’s best practices and processes, the volume of disparate information decreases, and data integrity improves with fewer errors and higher quality data capture. This improvement in data integrity encourages more informed process decisions and helps organisations to avoid inefficiencies.
Avoid uncontrolled process changes. When processes aren’t centralised, it is difficult to keep track of any changes made or note non-compliant habits that may have crept into company culture. With Promapp, every suggested improvement, edit, and approval is logged, tracked and can be reported. This provides a transparency that supports consistent and compliant operations with an organisation.

Next steps

If you feel that a process mapping tool would be beneficial to your organisation or you simply wish to find out more, get in touch with Synergi today. Synergi is a Nintex Premium Partner and specialise in a number of digital transformation offerings.

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