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Maximising your time and your team: reflecting on business practice

This past year has been an unsettled and complicated affair for many individuals and businesses. We want to take the opportunity whilst reflecting on what we have learned to commend all the businesses who have showcased their perseverance, compassion, ingenuity, and community spirit in these challenging times.
Whilst 2020 presented a number of challenges it also highlighted that which is most important in keeping teams working happily and productively.

Value your time (and your team’s time)

CIPD reported in 2019 that 3 in 5 UK employees work longer hours than they would like. It is easy to fall into a normalised overtime culture, but ultimately this is unsustainable. It is vital for workplace wellbeing that we can put in place solutions that allow us to value our time and the time of our peers. Now this doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of product, it is simply a matter of working smarter to achieve more with less.

Read CIPD's report here

So how do you do that?

The first and most obvious suggestion is an automation solution. Automation solutions allow you to automate your manual, repetitive, time-consuming tasks and instead focus on high-priority, value-add tasks. With this more efficient working, organisations should be able to be less reliant on overtime.
There are additional tools however that also support a more efficient use of time, such as intelligent search tools within modern intranets, making finding documents an easy affair and reducing the risk of time wasted duplicating existing documents. Valo Connect even offers the opportunity to integrate the capabilities of the modern Valo intranet into Microsoft Teams, creating a central location for daily operations.

Value your team

One of the most notable changes in moving to entirely remote working is the irreplaceability of natural office interactions. The loss of a physical working space equates to a loss of social benefit, as team members lose bonding opportunities such us water-cooler and kettle adjacent catch ups. This makes it imperative to cultivate remote working solutions that facilitate seamless teamwork and communication, so that as much of this team community can be preserved and maintained as possible.

So how do you do that?

To ensure communication and collaboration are efficient affairs, teams need to operate within a centralised hub such as Microsoft Teams or a modern intranet in which they can co-author documentation in real time, easily locate information, and communicate simply. Additionally, by using hubs that support mobile working, individuals have more flexibility in their working style.

Take a moment to reflect

Finally, with the seemingly constant change over the past year, it is important to stress the value of taking a moment to stop and reflect. The manta “work smarter, not harder” only works if you have taken a moment to assess your processes and make informed decisions that are pro-active and not re-active. The most important thing an organisation can do Is reflect on its processes and operations, as this will inform all business decisions.

So how do you do that?

Synergi is more than just a technology provider, we’re your partner for digital change. This means we can help you reflect on your processes, we can support deep-dive learning of your operations, and we can help guide you in selecting solutions that will allow you to work more efficiently. We hope that in doing this some weight is alleviated from your business, as you can better understand how to work more efficiently and can better value your time and your team.

In summary, we commend all business for their continued perseverance and individuals for their compassion and ingenuity. We hope that in supporting your digital journey, we can facilitate more efficient and productive remote working that brings teams together.

To find out more about how organisations have adapted to remote working, check out our column in Northern Insight, looking back at the technologies that shaped digital working in 2020.

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